Cheap Annulment

Easy Annulment

Easy Annulment has been provided by our manager for nearly 21 years at low costs, with or without spouse's signature. A marriage is dissolved when you obtain an Easy Annulment.

Licensed & Bonded.

An annulment means you were never married in the first place and you are returned to your prior marital status. Our success rate is nearly 100%! Read about our service experience in a Los Angeles Times article.

Easy Annulment

  • $390 plus filing fee if both parties sign (Joint Petition)
    $490 plus filing fee and cost for service if only 1 party signs (Complaint).
  • Our company guarantees your case will be signed by the court and your fee for our typing is protected.
  • You qualify if you or your spouse lives in Nevada or one of you moves to Nevada and establishes residency. You may wish to consult our Lodging Directory for assistance.
  • If you LES for military service lists Nevada you may use our service. Your commanding officer can advise you if your LES is accurate.
  • If you choose Nevada Quick Divorce hearings are not required - other companies may require hearings.
  • Our proven success rate is greater than 99.9%.
  • To learn more about our service go to Nevada Annulment Statutes.

You must meet at least one Qualification and if you are using a dishonesty reason, you must separate from your spouse upon learning of dishonesty.

Annulment Qualifications

Many reasons may be used to qualify for our service. You will find 35 reasons on our Qualifications page. If you have any questions simply call us toll free at 1-877-787-8270 and talk to an expert who can answer your questions.

Grounds for Annulment

  • a void marriage that was not valid when you married, like bigamy,
  • a marriage you did not consent to. such as due to intoxication, or insanity,
  • if a marriage was the result of dishonesty. Just review our list on the qualifications page and you may find a reason you can use.
  • You and your spouse must separate soon once you learn of the dishonesty.

Establish Annulment Residency

To establish residence in Nevada you must move and reside here for 6 weeks. Once you reside in Nevada you need to locate another person who will sign an affidavit stating that person has seen you living in Nevada for 6 weeks. Any person over age 18 can be your resident witness. Or, if your military LES lists Nevada, you automatically qualify to use our service. Your commanding officer can help you determine your residency.

Guarantee Program

20 years experience providing service by company management. We guarantee the judge will sign your decree or we will refund your fee for our typing fee. Filing fees, third party fees are not refundable. To qualify you must perform all duties required of you, ie. sign the papers, payment for service of process to spouse if Complaint. Guarantee program does not apply if this is a complaint and the spouse files an answer.