Military Divorce

Our paralegals have been providing Military Divorce full service, not only forms, for over 23 years. We pride ourselves on efficient service, with no hearings and with only one (1) signature or both signatures for a Military Divorce.
Indeed we obtain a signed Joint Petition Military Divorce within a few days of filing. We also provide services for a Complaint, where the other party is unwilling to sign the papers or simply cannot be located.
Licensed & Bonded.

Joint Petition for Military Divorce – both parties sign

  • $270 plus filing fee if both parties sign.
  • One Party must reside in or move to Nevada for at least 6 weeks. Military Personnel must have NV on their LES. If you plan to move to Nevada to establish residency, our Lodging Directory may be helpful.
  • Save $80 because no parenting cope class for Las Vegas customers.
  • We include all debt, child issues, and property.
  • No hearing for uncontested filings.
  • Finally uncontested divorces are completed in about 2-3 days after filing.
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Complaint for Military Divorce – the other party is unwilling to sign papers or cannot be located

  • $390 plus filing fee plus service upon spouse.
  • You or spouse must reside, move to NV for 6 weeks, or LES in NV. If you plan to move to NV to establish residency, our Lodging Directory may be helpful.
  • No parenting cope class for Las Vegas customers. You save $80!
  • Free inclusion property, debt, child issues.
  • Court requires no hearing.
  • For questions, you may have about divorce go to Nevada Divorce Statutes.
  • Also for child custody go to Nevada Child Custody Statutes.
Military Divorce - Get Started

Establish Las Vegas Residency

To qualify for a Military Divorce in only days: one (1) party must currently reside in NV or establish residency for at least 6 weeks.

If you are currently in the military and your military home state (state of record) is NV, you may file even if you now reside in another state or country. You may wish to check with your commanding officer to list the correct state on your LES.

To begin your service go to Questionnaires.

Our Guarantee

In conclusion we maintain the highest standard of honesty, competency, and professionalism. As a result this guarantees your Joint Petition divorce or annulment are signed by a judge within days of filing, not weeks or months.
We have over two decades of experience providing annulment services. We guarantee the judge will sign your case or we refund your Nevada Quick Divorce typing fee. Filing fees, third-party fees are not refundable. To qualify you must perform all duties required of you (i.e. sign & notarize the papers, payment for service of process to a spouse if Complaint). However the guarantee program does not apply if this is a complaint and the spouse files an answer. If you have any questions you may send us a massage at: Contact Us.