Nevada Annulment Laws

We have provided Annulments for 23 years, with a success rate better than 99.9%. A Nevada Annulment Laws dissolves the marriage as though it never occurred in the first place, allowing both spouses a return to their prior marital status. Also you will need a copy of your marriage certificate for this process. In addition read about our rescission experience in a Los Angeles Times article.

Joint Nevada Annulment Laws

When both parties sign the papers: $390 plus filing fee.

  • The court grants your annulment or we give your fees to us back.
  • For short-term marriages in Nevada or if 1 party resides in NV at least 6 weeks, or military LES is NV. If you plan to move to NV to establish residency, our Lodging Directory may be helpful.
  • Accordingly if you choose Nevada Quick Divorce a hearing is not required – other companies may require hearings.
  • You must meet at least one Nevada Annulment Qualification. If you are using a fraud reason, you must separate from your spouse upon learning of the fraud.
  • Our proven success rate is better than 99.9%.
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Complaint Nevada Annulment Laws

Complaint for Nevada Annulment Laws – the other party is unwilling to sign papers or cannot be located. If only 1 party signs papers: $490 plus filing fee plus service to a spouse.

Nevada Annulment Laws - Get Started

Our Guarantee
We maintain the highest standard of honesty, competency, as well as professionalism. This guarantees your Joint Petition divorce or annulment are signed by a judge within days of filing, not weeks or months.
We have over two decades of experience providing annulment services. We guarantee the judge will sign your decree or we will refund our typing fees. Filing fees and third-party fees are not refundable. To qualify, you must perform all duties required of you, ie. sign the papers, payment for service of process to a spouse if Complaint. Guarantee program does not apply if this is a complaint and the spouse files an answer.

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